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March 23, 2023
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100% security for your business with Master Lock-0

Day in and day out, we all go to work to perform our duties. We all take it for granted that at the end of the working day we will return home safe and sound. However, many people still do not think about work safety in their work environment and act recklessly, carelessly and get things done in a hurry.

Remember that the consequences of not following the rules of work safety can be serious and can result in serious injuries or even death!

A bit of security statistics

The main industries in Latvia, in which injuries or accidents most often occur, have remained unchanged for several years in a row. The first place is taken by the manufacturing industry, followed by wholesale trade, the third place is taken by transport and the fourth place by construction.

The positive news is that in 2022, the number of fatal cases from work injuries has significantly decreased. This is confirmed by Sandra Zariņa, head of the Labor Protection Department of the State Labor Inspection. The statistics she mentioned show that in 2022, the number of fatal cases has decreased by 45%, the number of serious accidents by 25% and the total number of accidents by 11%. (Source:

Yes, the above data is positive! However, many workers are still injured. Both employees and employers avoid reporting them. Companies try to avoid compiling documentation and improving the security system, because in the short term it requires additional resources.

Work safety solutions

We want to give you the opportunity for your employees and colleagues to live and work in a safer working environment. In the following article, we will introduce you to reliable work security solutions offered by the American manufacturer Master Lock. The main occupation of the manufacturer is focused on the highest level of safety. It should be emphasized that this manufacturer guarantees various safety solutions not only for individuals, but also for manufacturing companies, where serious injuries really happen most often.

100% job security first

Work safety first – several approaches/devices are used to realize this: light curtains, 3D cameras, limit switches and of course safety locks. Each company has its own specifics and needs, so each case must be considered separately. Of course, an expert - work safety specialist - together with our engineer can choose the necessary solutions. Further in the article, we will look at several safety locks and their sets, which are intended not only for electricians, but also for workers in other industries.

Reliable security with Master Lock locks

  1. Automatic switch - a lock together with a padlock. It is used when the voltage has to be turned off for work and one of the colleagues does not turn it back on due to carelessness.
  2. Non-standard or high-capacity automatic switch - lock together with padlock. It is used when the voltage has to be turned off for work and one of the colleagues does not turn it back on due to carelessness.
  3. Combination lock - only the electrician and supervisor can turn the machine off or on with this.
  4. Red lock – highly visible lock, basically red in color with one or more keys.
  5. Water faucet lock - a lock that comes with a flexible cable with a heat-resistant plastic coating.
  6. As well as many different sets for electricians and supervisors. For example, a padlock locking station with a lid.

Master Lock is a recognizable and secure solution

Master Lock locks and other security solutions need no introduction. This American manufacturer has been recognized as a reliable partner for more than 100 years. A secure solution is the main requirement of the company, and thanks to persistent innovation, it has taken a solid market leadership position.

Master Lock still offers a wide variety of solutions to protect each of us as much as possible, from simple locks to a complete set for specific environments. I remind you that Master Lock is one of the largest manufacturers of security locks in America and strongly represents its brand in Europe as well.


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