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DistanceGuard - smart solution for physical distancing management-0

DistanceGuard - smart solution for physical distancing management

2020-12-08 10:28:59

Company SICK has adapted a number of its products to help companies implement and ensure the physical distancing rules introduced during Covid-19, keeping an appropriate distance and limiting crowds. This allows companies to carry out their normal daily work without interruption, entrusting the control of distancing rules to 2D/3D LiDAR sensors with integrated specialized software.

DistanceGuard SensorApp uses the SICK TiM series 2D LiDAR sensor to determine the number of people or objects and the distance between them in a given room or area. When the minimum distance between persons is less than the set value or the maximum number of persons in the room is exceeded, the sensor may activate some custom visual or audible indication warning that the distance conditions do not meet the requirements.

DistanceGuard's distance detection features can be configured and customized individually. This is easily done using the free software SICK SOPAS, which allows you to teach and determine the space to be measured, as well as enter the number of people or objects allowed in the area and the minimum distance between them.


Assistance in controlling the flow of visitors: by monitoring the number and distance of people, for example, in waiting rooms, offices, catering rooms; in supermarkets, shops, gyms.

Collision Warning: Objects of various shapes when they are in danger of touching or colliding.


Anonymous data processing: no personal data or images are recorded or stored, persons are identified only as objects in the specified area.

Flexible and inconspicuous installation due to compact dimensions.

Technical parameters:

  • Working range: 0.05 m ... 25 m (at 10% remission up to 8 m);
  • Processing interface: Ethernet TCP / IP and 4 digital outputs;
  • Working angle: Horizontal 270°;
  • Operating environment: indoor and outdoor;
  • Ambient operating temperature: -25 ° C ... + 50 ° C.