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E+E Sigma 05 Modular sensor platform-0

E+E Sigma 05 Modular sensor platform

2021-04-22 06:59:00

E + E, developing its product range, has manufactured a new modular sensor platform, which means that it is possible to connect several types of sensors to one central element. The SIGMA05 is a product that will replace the EE220 temperature and relative humidity sensors in the future, providing users with additional options at a lower cost.

Flexibility: multiple probes and measurands

Sigma 05 can be connected to up to 3 E + E sensors with RS485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol. Providing the possibility to provide in one place the indication of Temperature T ° C, Relative humidity RH%, pressure mbar and CO2 ppm level, air flow m/s. The graphic display can freely configure the indication for 3 measurements from the connected sensors. Two freely scalable analog outputs provide the transfer of an additional two measurement data, for a total of 5 measurement values to be processed by SIGMA 05.

Sigma 05 features automatic detection of E+E probes and performs an autonomous, rule based hub setup. Refer to the user manual for details.

Configuration and Adjustment
The free PCS10 Product Configuration Software allows for easy setup of the Sigma 05, measurand assignment and thresholds, display layout, scaling of the analogue outputs and adjustment of the connected probes.


  • "Plug and play" for E + E Modbus sensors
  • Can be connected to up to 3 probes
  • Processes up to 5 physical quantities simultaneously (2 on outputs, 3 on display)
  • Status information on the display
  • User configurable alarm indication on the display
  • M12 probe connection directly to Sigma 05 or via M12 cables
  • USB service interface and free product configuration software
  • RS485 sensor interface
  • Modbus RTU
  • Analog outputs 0 - 1 V / 2.5 V / 5 V / 10 V and 0/4 - 20 mA (3-wire)
  • The sensors are powered by a central unit
  • SIGMA05 power supply 15-30 VDC
  • Hub assembly options and convenience
  • IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure Protection class

If you have any questions or interests, please contact the ZTF Lāsma team!