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June 13, 2021
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Home automation using Elko EP Inels RF-0

The manufacturer Elko EP is known to many of us as a manufacturer of time relays, but now they have been actively working on other product lines for more than 10 years. This time we will introduce one of them in more detail in the following article.

Elko EP Inels RF is a series of products designed for control of various devices using radio frequency and providing the possibility to use wireless solutions for both industrial applications and smart home or home automation and control.

Using Inels RF products, it is possible to control and remotely control the following elements:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Energy accounting
  • Gates, doors, blinds and other mechanisms
  • Watering and water supply
  • Video surveillance
  • Audio systems
  • Switching other types of electrical equipment on or off

Based on our experience, we identify two main applications for Inels RF series products:

  1. Creating a smart home to provide remote / decentralized management and make everyday life more convenient;
  2. To facilitate wiring or reconstruction work and reduce its costs in cases where long, complicated or sometimes impossible cable installations are required.

 > Creating a smart home to provide remote / decentralized management and make everyday life more convenient

Benefits of creating a smart home management from personal experience:

  • You will be aware of what is happening at home.
  • If necessary, you will be able to control devices remotely.
  • You forgot to close the gate - do it remotely!
  • You have to turn off the light without getting up from the couch - no problem!
  • The greenhouse temperature is above the limit, but you are at work. Activate watering!
  • The courier has delivered the package, but no one is home. Simply open and later close the gate so that the courier places the parcel in your area.
  • Wife has heating problems? You can help remotely!
  • Go home and want the rooms to be warm and cozy? Activate the heating system remotely.
  • Close or open the blinds at the touch of a button.
  • You will no longer need 5 different remote controls to control the devices, you will be able to do everything with a smart device.
  • Forget about changing the garage, gate, control panel batteries.

To create a smart home, you need a central control unit eLAN and an Internet connection. Using eLAN, it is possible to create a free personal account on the ELKO EP cloud server, which will ensure the connection of your smart device to eLAN. This way, you can control your home devices or equipment from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
We will be happy to help you with the initial configuration and installation of the central control unit.

It is important to identify the management and monitoring points of interest from the outset, looking to the future, so that it is possible to choose the appropriate equipment when designing the system.

Next you need are sensors or actuators, which you can see below. If necessary, we will help you select and install them.

> To facilitate wiring or reconstruction work and reduce its costs in cases where long, complicated or sometimes impossible cable installations are required.

Benefits of using ELKO EP RF series products for installation:

  • The time spent on cable installation is significantly reduced.
  • Money savings resulting from installation, optimization of work and investment in materials or cosmetic repairs after the installation of new cables.
  • Significantly reduced cable costs.
  • The original design is not affected.
  • Free improvisation and freedom of choice when placing switches and adding additional switches.
  • Easy and convenient installation.

Application examples and cases:

  • If the originally planned location of the light switches has changed or you want to install an additional new switch
  • If the required configuration is not clear initially
  • Installation of new control cables is not possible or expensive
  • Providing control from point A to point B at a distance of 200m

Any system will consist of at least one Transmitter and Actuator, but it is also possible to achieve that:
one transmitter can control several actuators and one actuator can be controlled by several transmitters. This is achieved by simply pairing the equipment using the actuator settings button.

Also, different types of actuators are equipped with additional functions. For example, after receiving a transmitter pulse, the control contact can be:

  • connected until the next pulse is received,
  • connected for a certain freely adjustable time,
  • connected after pausing,
  • switched on while the control pulse is active.

>> Below on the LINKS you will find the ELKO EP product catalog, which will provide an insight into the development of possible solutions!

Contact the ZTF Lāsma team, we will be happy to help you choose the best possible solution!

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