How to get access to Tosibox on your phone?

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Keeping your hand on the pulse of the data flow of the production plant while immersing yourself in the latest Twitter pearls - is it possible? Yes, it is easy as 1 2 3 . ! In the following article, you will learn how the production plant can be in your pocket within 3 minutes using the Tosibox Mobile Client.

Tosibox is a remote access platform that allows you to create a encrypted VPN tunnel in a couple of minutes without requiring in-depth IT knowledge. The Tosibox user management system allows the administrator to add an unlimited number of users and define the devices available to them. Remote users can access to PLC, HMI, databases, etc.

Reliable remote access to various devices from any computer in the World - it sounds great! Working on a computer can be a challenge for people who are continiously mobile. Is so much places you must be and so much has to be done. With Tosibox Mobile Client, you will be ready to deal with a crisis situation at any moment, or simply browse what is happening in your production facility. For example, monitor the HMI, connect to the webservers of the devices and even access and control the computer through the iPhone screen.

In this video you will see:

  • Tosibox Lock Mobile Client activation:
    • operations on the Tosibox Admin (Master key) side,
    • operations on the smartphone side
  • 3 ways to connect remotely to Weintek HMI via smartphone

 Tosibox Mobile Client applications:

  • Remote access to HMI visualization panels
  • Remote access to IP cameras
  • Access to other devices that have mobile application support
  • Access to your computer

Technical parameters of Tosibox Mobile Client:

  • VNC viewer (cmt Viewer) support
  • Support for Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop support

Advantages of Tosibox Mobile Client:

  • Android support
  • iOS support
  • Unlimited number of mobile clients

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