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May 6, 2021
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Do you remember the last time that in the middle of summer, in the expected place of beautiful, green, lush lawn, there is a semi-lively pale and burnt patch of grass that does not inspire and does not cause any joy.

But then soon find yourself determined to stand up in your wet lawn / swamp after forgetting to turn off the sprinkler?

To solve the situation, the most determined start to inquire and gather information, the less determined only look with envy at the neighbor's beautiful lawn and think: "Well, yes, he already has ....."

It turns out that watering the lawn is completely unnecessary and even damages the lawn. The idea that it needs to be properly folded, unfortunately, turns out to be misleading.

There are a few simple things to follow to achieve a pleasing look to the eye and a pleasurable feeling in the foot.

  • Regularity of watering
  • Duration
  • Zoning

The following things are also worth knowing:

Air temperature: 20-25 ° C once every 5-7 days

Air temperature: 25-30 ° C once every 2-4 days

Air temperature:> 30 ° C 1x a day + it is recommended to cool the lawn during the day by watering for a shorter time in the middle of the day.

The best time to water the lawn is early in the morning. When watering during the day, take into account the higher water consumption.

The duration of watering can be determined by such a popular test method. Turn on the sprinkler, take the time and check that the soil is moist to a depth of 10-15 cm. This is necessary because the lawn root system is deep and requires lawn root wetting.

Perhaps in the current conditions, when quite many of us works from home, it can also be done manually, but under normal conditions, it is relatively difficult to provide such watering.

At the moment we have a solution with the necessary functionality at a reasonable cost!

-> TOOLCRAFT 1561121 watering timer

Easy and intuitive parameter entry is provided with just five buttons. You decide when, how often and for how long you want the watering to take place. All selected settings are displayed in the on-screen menu.

Key benefits:

  • Save water, energy and time
  • Flexible settings for each day
  • Range of available functions
  • Ease of use
  • Operation is provided by 3x AA batteries


Control of two watering zones
Allows you to set the start time and day, duration and interval of watering for each of the watering zones.

Manual ON / OFF button

If necessary, you are free to switch on manual watering and time-limited watering outside the specified watering times.

Delay function
If rain is expected, you can delay automatic watering for any period of 12 hours to 7 days. The selected program then restarts automatically.

Battery status indicator

The timer is powered by 3x AA batteries. After testing the device, we can guarantee its operation throughout the summer. Batteries not included.

If you want to know more about the watering timer or something else, feel free to contact the LASMA Team!

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