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July 30, 2018
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Master Lock is one of the leading experts in the field of safety locks and warning tags.
Master Lock offers a wide range of equipment lock and warning solutions to ensure the safety of your employees while repairing or servicing industrial equipment.

Safety Padlocks - padlocks for different industries and working conditions with a wide range of technical specifications

Padlock body / advantages:

Lightweight thermoplastics - provides resistance to chemicals, moisture, heat, cold and UV radiation. Suitable working temperature from -56 ° C to + 176 ° C

Robust aluminum - Ensuring protection from harsh working conditions.

Stainless steel - Corrosion resistance is provided

Padlocks shackle/advantages:

Stainless steel, Chromed steel shackles - Ensure excellent corrosion resistance

Bora alloys or hardened steel shackles - Provides excellent resistance to cutting

Dielectric shields - Non-conductive, non-magnetic

Additional optional options for padlocks:

  • Possibility to create a security lock system by adjusting the locking levels (KD-for each lock of its own; KA-one lock for a group of locks; MK-master key-disables all locks in the system or in specific groups)
  • Padlock personal identification - stickers, photo, laser engraving
  • Padlock color selection

Group locks, key boxes

Group locking latches - allows multiple locking padlocks to be placed on the same unit, after the repair or maintenance of the unit, it can only be started after the last employee has finished work and removed his lock.

Key boxes are the perfect solution for shift jobs or subcontractors that allow keys from locked devices to be left to other employees.

 Kits & Stations

For storage and easy use of lockout padlocks and warning signs in your facility,
there are available different sizes of storage stations.

There are also various starter kits with lockout padlocks and accessories, which can be supplemented with the necessary content if necessary. There are also available portable storage boxes.

Warning tags & signs

A wide range of pre-printed safety tags made of durable industrial polypropylene, provides resistance to the sun, dirt, and various chemicals for prolonged use both indoors and outdoors.

 options for warning tags and signs

  • Customized security labels with your own text and graphics
  • Personalized security cards with employee name, authorization and photo

Electrical lockout devices

Circuit breaker and switch lockout - suitable for standard breakers and switches.

Push button and rotary switch covers locks - suitable for pushbuttons and stop buttons.

Electrical plug covers - various size covers for electric contact forks.

Mechanical lockout devices

Adjustable cable lockout - tough and flexible cable, perfect for blocking and locking various types of moving parts. Cable length length to order from 0.60m to 15m.

Valve lockout:

Ball and butterfly valve lockout -adjustable design adapts to the size of the pipe and valve, fits different types and sizes of handles.
Gate valve lockout  - different sizes and diameters covers surround valve operating handle, protecting against accidental valve opening

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