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Overview of October 2022 news

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It is important for us that you do not miss the most important industry news, so we provide you with a short summary of the current events of the month of October. Last month we talked about how to save up to 5'000 EUR per year with SICK sensors, how to use the latest frequency converter from Invertek Drives and how to reduce electricity bills with a timer. Choose the topics that interest you in the continuation of the article.

Save up to 5'000 EUR per year with SICK sensors

As the prices of energy resources are rising rapidly, many of us are actively looking for answers to the questions of how to reduce the costs of energy resources in our company, how to prevent production downtime and unplanned repairs. If you use compressed air systems in the production process, then this article is for you. Read more...

Energy-saving frequency converter

Optidrive E3 frequency converters from Invertek Drives are designed to control, regulate and protect electric motors. There are enough options for how to regulate the engine speed with a frequency converter. This time we will look at one of the already existing video examples and in a future article we will delve more into these settings. Read more...

How to read Modbus RTU device with SENECA R-KEY-LT in 3 minutes?

The use of different communication protocols in the same automation system is not unusual. It is often even a necessity to create a stable and precisely functioning system as well as a cost-effective machine. In production and other equipment, to ensure an automatic cycle of operation, it is necessary to control a bunch of both physical and chemical parameters. Read more...

How to reduce electricity bills with a timer?

It seems that electricity prices will not decrease in the near future. We can no longer imagine our everyday life without electricity and it is also impossible to work by candlelight. We all depend on electricity. In order to reduce electricity costs, effective solutions should be implemented not only in company production plants, but also in offices and households - apartments, houses, summer houses and many other places. Read more...

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