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PeopleCounter - smart solution for anonymous and reliable people counting

2020-12-09 08:30:05

Company SICK has adapted a number of its products to help companies implement and ensure the physical distancing rules introduced during Covid-19, keeping an appropriate distance and limiting crowds. This allows companies to carry out their normal daily work without interruption, entrusting the control of distancing rules to 2D/3D LiDAR sensors with integrated specialized software.

The PeopleCounter SensorApp uses the SICK MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor to detect and count people at the entrance/exit area, thanks to four scan planes, the direction of movement of people is identified, thus determining the exact number of people in a certain area. High detection accuracy is achieved thanks to the detection of head and shoulder contours, it makes it possible to reliably differentiate people from objects.

The PeopleCounter features a master-slave function. This allows for the use of more than 10 devices in a common system. It allows you to monitor multiple entry and exit points simultaneously.

Detection area, counter settings, and data values can be easily read and configured using the SOPASair web server. Exact measurement data output via Ethernet TCP / IP and 8 digital inputs/outputs.


Assistance in controlling the number of visitors: - counting and monitoring the number of people, for example, in shopping centers, shops, museums, gyms, concerts, public events.

Visitor Flow Analysis: in addition to monitoring the current number of people, the PeopleCounter functions enable the collection of additional information, such as the time most people entered or left the area or the time of day when most people were in it.


Anonymous people counting: identification and classification of people using their contour data without taking pictures or recording any personal information.

Counting accuracy of up to 98% - is achieved thanks to the shoulder-head contour detection algorithm, which allows the sensor to reliably differentiate people from other objects.

Entrance areas up to 10m wide - thanks to the wide working angle of the 3D Lidar sensor, people's movement can be detected in wide entrance areas.

Technical parameters:

  • Working range: 30 m (at 10% remission up to 16 m);
  • Working angle: Horizontal 275°; Vertical 7.5° over 4 measurement levels;
  • Counting range width: 10 m;
  • Processing interface: Ethernet TCP / IP and 8 digital inputs/outputs.