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SICK KTS Prime - the new generation contrast sensor-0

SICK KTS Prime - the new generation contrast sensor

2019-08-30 14:11:52

Combining years of experience and innovative technology, the SICK KTS Series Contrast Sensors delivers outstanding performance and process stability across a wide range of tasks. Where most of the contrast sensors reach their limits, KTS Prime thanks to various upgrades offer more flexibility and more functionality.

Technical features:

Multifunctional 7-segment display - quick and simple navigation and input.  Easy visualization of sensor function and process quality

TwinEye Technology® - dual optical lens technology provides reliable detection and process stability, even with high-gloss and fluttering materials and materials with minor contrast differences. Increased sensing range tolerance (± 5 mm)

Color mode - the combination of contrast and color sensor technology ensures detection of difficult marks with very low contrast or very low color differences

Integrated job memory - ability to save and manage configurations on the sensor itself (can store up to 5 different configuration formats - work tasks)

Smart sensor functions - various additional integrated configuration and visualization functions: enhanced contrast and color performance, access to process and status data.

High-precision RGB LED - clearly visible and precise light spot. More precision, higher resolution and improved depth of field


  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 26mm x 62mm x 47.5mm
  • Sensing distance: 13.25 mm (40, 70, 150 mm special versions)
  • Switching frequency: 25, 50 kHz (special versions - 1.5, 11.5, 70 kHz)
  • Response time: 10, 20 µs (special versions - 3, 42, 80 µs
  • Adjustment -teach-in modes: Active Light Detection, 1-Point Training, 2-Point Training, Dynamic Training, Auto Mode


  • High process stability and fewer downtimes
  • Reliable detection and process stability, even with high-gloss and fluttering materials and materials with minor contrast differences
  • Color mode allows you to reliably detect even the slightest contrast and color differences, increased gray line resolution
  • The sensing range tolerance has been extended to ±5 mm for stable detection even in the most unstable material transportation systems
  • Flexible format change thanks to simple teach in modes and access to stored configurations
  • Small design for installation even where space is limited


  • Packaging process for accounting and control of print marks
  • Identification of printing marks for controlling the cutting process
  • For controlling different surfaces and their layers
  • For color determination and quality control
  • Control of roll changes of supply material
  • Alignment and control positioning of various rotating objects

The product is available in our warehouse in Riga. It is also possible to get a sensor for testing in your company to make sure it fits for your application.