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August 16, 2021
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The IoT Platform developed by TekOn is a complete software solution for recording and analyzing production and storage data. The IoT platform helps companies to analyze processes and improve profitability, as well as comply with regulatory requirements.

The main goal of the platform is to connect the user with Tekon and third-party devices that provide measurements and data acquisition from selected monitoring points.

The importance and capabilities of IoT and various types of data monitoring systems are growing rapidly today. This is a trend driven by technological developments and their availability, resulting in growing demand and opportunities.

The basic task of the IoT platform is to connect your hardware / devices / sensors to a data storage location - server / cloud, using flexible connectivity options, security mechanisms and extensive data processing capabilities. Until now, conventional local data storage and management systems are losing their position and importance in small but stable steps.

The TekOn IoT platform provides a user-ready set of features that significantly accelerates the development of data display and analysis tools for connected devices, as well as scalability and compatibility between devices.

What can be gained and what can be lost using the IoT platform?

Key benefits:

  1. Age-appropriate design and functionality
  2. Balanced payment and lower initial investment
  3. Theoretical cost reduction (depending on the number of monitoring points)
  4. Easy access to the system virtually anywhere in the world
  5. Easy administration of system users and definition of rights
  6. Register of user activities
  7. Convenient and easy way to add new devices
  8. Compatibility with devices developed by other manufacturers
  9. Data exchange capabilities between different types of management / accounting / analysis, etc. systems
  10. The customer does not have to think about system maintenance, as it is provided by the IoT platform maintainer:
    1. Standalone updates
    2. Data storage and backup
    3. System maintenance 24h x7
    4. System security

What can be lost using the IoT platform:

  1. Difficult individual adjustment and implementation of very specific needs.
  2. Local data storage in your own management and control (does not apply to Tekon-developed IoT platform, as local installation is possible)
  3. One - off investment
  4. Storage of unlimited amounts of data for an unlimited period of time, which, when choosing a local solution, depends only on your technical support.
  5. Implementing specific features can be time consuming and unprofitable

Why is data acquisition / storage important?

Over the last decade, data monitoring solutions have inevitably become more complex and dynamic in the industrial segment as well. They encompass larger device ecosystems and evolve much faster than traditional enterprise applications.

Developments driven by the growing need for the various types of data needed to:

  • effectively identify opportunities for improvement and optimization,
  • develop objective KPI systems based on real production figures,
  • measure the amount of resources consumed and optimize costs,
  • control the quality of production.

The main emphasis when implementing a monitoring system is to think about how the obtained data will help to make a decision.

The Tekon IoT platform has been updated with a new feature set. In this new update, users have access to new tools and options that improve the day-to-day operation of the system.

The following points have been added in the new update:

  • Email and SMS service configuration check
  • Alarm configuration information
  • Duplicate data source identification and alarms
  • Specific data sources
  • Limited number of user login attempts
  • Password update
  • Periodic report and report generation functionality

If you want to find out what possibilities the IoT platform developed by TekOn offers, contact the LASMA team, we will demonstrate.

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