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Temperature monitoring -80 ° C-0

Temperature monitoring -80 ° C

2020-12-10 08:39:08

For decades, our product range has included data logging solutions for product transportation and storage.

Transport and storage of products at -80 ° C is vital for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of vaccines, so it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and monitor the temperature at all stages of transport and storage, from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

It is the responsibility of the employees in the logistics chain to ensure the appropriate climatic requirements and to monitor the temperature maintenance equipment, prepare documentation and store data.

To comply with these guidelines, our partners Lascar Electronics Ltd UK and Tecnosoft srl can offer several types of solutions that will suit each stage of the logistics chain.

Tecnosoft has developed devices with remote alarm systems and real-time monitoring for the transport and storage of the new Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in freezers, which must be maintained at -80 ° C!

To avoid the risk of vaccine ineffectiveness due to storage at too high temperature, Tecnosoft recommends the use of BlueLog -80 or TempNFC -80 for transport. To monitor the storage temperature of the vaccine S-MicroW Ultrafreeze or the innovative Deepwave is recommended. Tecnosoft has several devices for monitoring the cold logistics chain of new vaccines. The company's team is able to develop personalized solutions for any occasion!

In the range of products offered by Lascar Electronics Ltd UK, you will find products for monitoring temperature maintenance equipment. EL-WiFi-TC is a temperature data logger with local indication and the possibility to connect to a local WiFi network for further data processing or connection to the cloud platform EasyCloud.

EL-USB-TC is a local monitoring device and you can download the obtained data from the recorder using a USB plug and process the data locally on your computer.

Our and partners' product range is suitable for each of the transportation and storage stages. To find out which solution is best for you, contact LASMA data monitoring specialists and find out the most appropriate and suitable solution for you.