Wi-Fi Temperature and humidity data loggers

February 4, 2019
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EasyLog Cloud harnesses the power of IoT to automate data logging and alert notifications. Offering all of the features described below and many more, EasyLog Cloud gives you the ability to monitor and manage multiple data logging devices in different locations completely remotely.

The system easily adapts to your needs, from compact systems with just a few measurement points to corporate solutions with thousands of devices worldwide.

Devices operate on batteries or external power, their location and location are freely selectable for your needs and depend on the available Wi-Fi coverage, because the Wi-Fi network is used to transfer data to the server.

There are two options for data storage.

1. Locate your server with FREE EasyLog WiFi software that can connect up to 20 of EL-WIFI series products. For a more detailed description of the program, see the manufacturer's website. The software provides data storage, device configuration, historical data reports, device status viewing, and alert messages. The software accumulates the data while it is on, when the software is not turned on EL-WIFI series loggers accumulate data, and when the program is updated, data is loaded into the database, thus ensuring data integrity. The software runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

2. Cloud EasyLog Cloud, which will be able to connect EL-WIFI and EL-MONT series products. The functionality of the software is described below. The software provides uninterrupted data storage, viewing and configuring device status, viewing historical data, mobile phone and email alert messages, user administration, and more. The software collects data continuously and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In cases where the device loses data in the loss of the Wi-FI connection, and when the connection is restored, the data is sent to the data server ensuring the data integrity. In addition, the system will notify you of the lost device. One device is free of charge, but multiple devices use a monthly or annual subscription fee for the cloud server. If you would like to know the detailed subscription options contact us.

  • Quick View Dashboard

    The EasyLog Cloud home screen offers easy access to your most important information:

    • See the status of your favourite devices at a glance
    • Review recent device events
    • View data, and clear alerts
    • Quickly navigate to the detail on devices, data and events
  • Easy Device Management

    Take advantage of EasyLog Cloud's extensive but straightforward device management screen:

    • Search by device location, filter by type, or use text-based search
    • View current readings and alert status on devices with up to 16 measurement points
    • Quickly access and change device settings
    • Easily acknowledge and reset alarms
  • Advanced Notifications

    Never miss a critical event with EasyLog Cloud's flexible notification system:

    • Notify multiple recipients
    • Delay and repeat notifications
    • Escalate ignored notifications
    • SMS based notifications (coming soon)
  • Powerful Data Analysis and Reporting

    Review and analyse your data with powerful graphing functionality:

    • Compare data from multiple devices
    • Compare data from different time periods
    • View data summaries
    • Print or export your results
  • Detailed System Audit Records

    Keep track of events and activity with EasyLog Cloud's detailed system and device audit trail:

    • System records including changes to users, locations and account settings
    • Device records including changes to settings and events
    • Data records including the addition of comments, data export and printing
    • 21CFR Compatibility (coming soon)

ZTF Lāsma performed equipment tests to find that EasyLog Cloud is the right solution for a wide range of users as households for its large storage and logistics companies.

The main benefits we have identified are:

  • continuous data storage
  • administration of user rights and access
  • alert messages via email and mobile app
  • mobile application functionality
  • simplicity of device configuration and connection

All the above solutions can be tried and tested in practice. Contact us to tell your needs and we will offer the right equipment and solutions for your specific needs. In our prototype, you can find different types of Data Logging Solutions, and it will definitely fit your needs and desires.

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