Be energy efficient with Invertek frequency converters!

February 1, 2023
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Be energy efficient with Invertek frequency converters!-0

The price of energy resources is getting higher and higher. Your electricity consumption hasn't changed, but your electricity bills have skyrocketed? You may have heard that the electricity transmission tariff will rise in price in 2023. It is expected to grow by 75%.

What does it mean? And the fact that electricity bills will even more expensive. Just installing energy-saving light bulbs will not be enough. We need more serious solutions that use the capabilities of the latest technologies. Looking for a cost-effective way to reduce your company's rising energy costs? Believe us, ZTF Lāsma engineers know a lot of effective solutions to reduce electricity consumption. In the next article, we will explain how Invertek drives can cut your energy bills.

What is a frequency converter?

Before moving on to energy efficiency, we want to recall in simple terms what a frequency converter is and what functions it performs. A frequency converter is an electronic motor control device that converts alternating voltage and frequency into voltage with a given amplitude and frequency. It is widely used in manufacturing and various automation processes. The frequency converter protects and controls the motor.

What is the relationship between frequency converter and motor?

Electric motors are electromechanical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In the European Union, approximately ~70% of electricity is consumed by electric motors in the industrial sector, while in the private sector the amount reaches ~30%. Everyone understands that this is a very large number. We remind you that the operation of electric motors can be controlled using frequency converters. When companies implement suitable frequency converters, energy efficiency will increase significantly and energy costs will be reduced. Later in this article, you will learn how wide the range of frequency converters is.

Where are electric motors used?

  • Pump control
  • Air compressor control
  • Fan control
  • Refrigeration compressor control
  • When adjusting the speed of conveyor belts

In most cases, the above machines are start by three-phase asynchronous motors. These motors connection to the mains through a protection device and starters. Imagine that by controlling the speed of a motor with a frequency converter, you can save energy, both in the industrial and private sectors, you can reduce energy consumption by up to ~ 25% per year using frequency converters from Invertek Drives.

Series of Invertek Drives frequency converters

Invertek Drives is one of the world's leading manufacturers of frequency converters. The headquarters and production of the company are located in Wales, UK. With Invertek Drives, you can significantly reduce your electricity consumption, saving not only money, but also natural resources. Below you can see series of frequency converters.


  • Easy control for all types of motors > Invertek Optidrive E3 (0.37kW to 37kW);
  • Advanced motor contorl for demanding aplications > Invertek Optidrive P2 (0.75kW to 250kW);
  • Energy Efficient Fan Control > Invertek Optidrive Eco HVAC (0.75kW to 250kW);
  • Energy Efficient Pump Control > Invertek Optidrive Eco Pump (0.75kW to 250kW);
  • Smooth, reliable carriage control > Invertek Optidrive elevator (from 0.75 kW to 37 kW).


Remember that lower energy consumption means both lower costs and a greener future! If you need frequency converters or accessories, please contact ZTF Lāsma specialists who will help you find the most suitable and economical solution.

We are here to support!


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