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Switchboards And Electricity Distribution Cabinets

The electrical switchboard is the most important part of the electrical installation, serving as a control panel for managing the electricity in a house, factory or specific area. Electrical switchboards come in different sizes, materials and even protection classes. When choosing a switchboard, it is advisable to consult an electrician or a specialist in the field who will be able to describe more precisely the requirements and the expected application.

The management of electricity must be managed with the utmost care, taking all necessary safety precautions. As well as selecting appropriate and high quality products. ZTF Lāsma has worked with a number of manufacturers, including Schneider Electric and Schrack Technik. Both manufacturers have a proven track record in projects at various levels, both in installation and long-term operation.

The junction box is the simplest and smallest node in the electrical network. It can be of two types - over- and under-circuit boxes. Both types of junction box are mostly plastic, but metal is also common - they are mainly intended for outdoor use.

There are switchboards in every house. They are those relatively small plastic boxes in the wardrobe, cellar or hallway. They contain the home's automatic circuit breakers - often known as fuses. Depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the wiring, the boxes can be of different sizes. The size of the switchboard is determined by the number of circuit breakers required, which in turn depends on the desired zoning of the electricity supply on the site.

Metal electrical switchboards are divided into two broad groups - wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Both types of metal cabinets are basically designed for industrial environments or large sites. They are highly resistant to mechanical damage and the stainless steel switchboards in this group are also resistant to corrosion, which some industrial environments can produce.

The ZTF Lāsma range offers a very wide selection of switchboards and electrical cabinets, with many available once on site at our warehouse in Riga. If you need expert advice on how to choose the right product for you, please feel free to call or write to us or visit our office.