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robot armTrio Motion Technology was founded in 1987 and has built a reputation as one of the world's leading manufacturers of servo drive systems. One of the company's major innovations is the Motion Coordinator, which can control up to 128 axes of motion, including servo, stepper and piezo motors, as well as hydraulic systems. It is based on Motion-iX technology, which provides innovative motion programming capabilities. It is a unified software development solution that enables the optimisation of motion and kinematics, including robotics. It enables high performance machine control, such as SCARA robots, to achieve optimum performance in a wide range of applications.

Trio Motion Technology drive control offers a wide choice of software languages, extensive support for communication protocols, quality technical support from the manufacturer and a flexible licensing model.

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servo driverThe company has been part of the Estun Group since 2017, which provides it with additional resources and financial support, and has achieved growth of more than 15% per year since the merger. The company is headquartered in the UK, where it also has a research and development centre. Trio Motion Technology also has offices in Italy, Bulgaria and China. With a global network of representatives, the company is able to provide a high level of service to its customers worldwide.

Trio Motion Technology's official representative in Latvia is ZTF Lāsma.

We are very pleased to represent this brand and offer high performance products to our customers. ZTF Lāsma engeeneres will be happy to share their knowledge and provide advice on Trio Motion drive control products and how they can be directly integrated into your company's automation processes.

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