Phoenix Contact: pioneer in connectivity and industrial automation innovation

Phoenix Contact is a world leader in electrical connectivity and industrial automation. Founded in 1923 in Blomberg, Germany, the company has grown from humble beginnings into an industry giant with a reputation for innovative solutions, quality products and technology development. With a particular focus on the development of connection contacts.

From vision to innovative products that are changing the industry

spailesPhoenix Contact's development began with a simple but innovative idea: to improve electrical connections. Company founders Hugo Knümann and Ferdinand Eisert imagined a future in which connections could be made faster, more efficiently and with greater precision. This vision led to the development of the world's first modular terminal block system, which became the key to the company's success.

Over the years, Phoenix Contact has continued to develop its products and its approach to product development. The company's investment in research and development has led to many groundbreaking products that have transformed the industry. Phoenix Contact's product range demonstrates the company's commitment to shaping the future, from advanced connectors and industrial automation solutions to advanced surge protection devices and wireless communication technologies.

Solutions for a "connected" world

Connected worldConnectivity is essential in today's fast-changing technological environment. Phoenix Contact is fully aware of this trend and has therefore taken a leading role in creating solutions that ensure integrity in many industries. The company's products play a key role in the energy and manufacturing sectors, as well as in the transport and infrastructure sectors.

One of the areas in which Phoenix Contact has made a lasting impression is industrial automation. With the development of Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), the integration of digital technologies into production processes has become of paramount importance. Phoenix Contact's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provide the foundation for smart factories, enabling real-time data exchange, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. These advances not only improve efficiency, but also reduce downtime and operating costs.

Sustainability and the Green Plan

Wind turbineIn addition, Phoenix Contact's commitment to sustainability is evident in its renewable energy integration solutions. As the world moves towards cleaner energy sources, the seamless integration of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc.) into the grid is essential. Phoenix Contact's experience in this field ensures that these energy sources can be used efficiently, contributing to a greener future.

Global presence and impact

ZinātniekiPhoenix Contact's influence extends far beyond Germany. With a global network of partner subsidiaries and production sites, the company serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. This wide reach enables Phoenix Contact to meet the needs of different industries and requirements, tailoring its solutions to the needs of local businesses.

By fostering cooperation with universities, research institutions and industry partners, Phoenix Contact maintains its position at the forefront of technology development. This approach not only drives the company's innovation, but also contributes to the wider development of industrial technologies.

Official Phoenix Contact partner in Latvia

Since 2016, ZTF Lāsma has been the official Phoenix Contact dealer in Latvia. By sharing our experience and providing professional advice on solutions and products and the opportunities they bring to your company's automation processes, we contribute to the development of sustainability together. We stock a wide selection of Pheonix Contact products that will satisfy even large manufacturing companies.

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