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Fatek Automation is a Taiwanese technology company founded in 1992. The main direction of Fatek's activity is PLC design and development. The company continuously conducts research and development in order to provide users not only with high-quality products, but also with ease of use. The automatic control product group includes PLCs, HMI panels, IoT solutions, OPC servers, SCADA software, and more.

Over the years, the company has proven itself as a high-quality manufacturer trusted by many world-class manufacturers. Fatek's strategy is long-term cooperation, which the company obtains directly through the production of quality products. Addressing customer needs with great responsibility, Fatek has gained high credibility and become one of the leading microcontroller manufacturers in the world.

Fatek's official dealer in Latvia.

ZTF Lāsma is the official Fatek dealer in Latvia. Our engineers provide expert advice on the functions, applications and automation of production processes of Fatek products.

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