• Power: 3W to 960W
  • Voltage: 4V to 550V
  • Current: 0.13A to 60A
  • Available now!

Power units, transformers

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Industrial power components

Industrial power supplies are very important components in both industrial and domestic systems. This product category includes various elements that provide power supply and protection to maintain a continuous and stable working process. Our range includes products from well-known and trusted manufacturers around the world who have proven not only the quality and performance of their products, but also excellent customer support. These manufacturers include Schneider Electric, Men Well, Autonics, Elko EP and Siemens.

Impulse Power Supplies

Our range of power supplies is mainly available from Schneider Electric, Men Well and Autonics. They provide a highly accurate and reliable power supply for equipment and other systems. Power supplies are available locally in a wide range of capacities and case sizes to meet the requirements of many industries.


Schrack Technik offers a variety of transformers required to adjust the voltage and ensure the correct operation of equipment. These transformers are designed to ensure energy efficiency and protect equipment from voltage changes.

Industrial UPS

UPS or uninterruptible power supplies provide protection against power outages and help keep systems running in the event of a voltage failure. In our range you will find UPS from manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact and Mean Well.

Consult with ZTF Lasma specialists to choose the right one for your needs.