Weintek defines the standard for HMI displays

Weintek HMI panel

Weintek has become a market leader in automation. This Taiwanese technology company, considered a leader in HMI displays, introduced two LED HMI displays (MT8070iH-7" and MT8100i-10") in 2009, which set the standard for industrial displays in the following years. Over the years, Weintek has become synonymous with intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge technology.

The company's philosophy is based on a commitment to user-friendliness, believing that technology should be an aid, not a barrier, and should make automation accessible to users with different levels of expertise and skills. And Weintek HMI panels are a successful outcome of this commitment, providing an intuitive platform for monitoring and managing automation systems - from manufacturing plants to smart homes.

Weintek's high standards and objectives

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Reliability is one of Weintek's cornerstones - like other ambitious technology companies, it prioritises continuous technological development. In the last 5 years, Weintek's R&D team has tripled in size. Thanks to the team's vast experience and expertise, Weintek has developed the most intuitive and feature-rich HMI panel software - EasyBuilder8000. In a world of automation where accuracy and consistency are paramount, Weintek ensures that its products meet the highest standards, thus being able to ensure product robustness and continuous operation, reducing downtime and improving overall system efficiency.

Even so, Weintek is committed to continuous innovation. Keeping abreast of overall technological developments and investing heavily in research to create solutions that not only meet current industry needs but also anticipate future trends. This forward-looking approach makes Weintek a trusted partner in industries where automation is used.

Weintek official distributor in the Baltics

Like Weintek, ZTF Lāsma values the knowledge and experience of its employees, which is why we have proudly represented Weintek as an official distributor in the Baltic States for more than five years. We provide professional advice on the functions of Weintek HMI displays, PLCs, IO systems and data concentrators, their application and integration into manufacturing process automation. ZTF Lāsma has 100% Weintek products in our product range and most of them are available immediately in our warehouse in Riga.

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