Weintek sets the standard for HMI displays.

Weintek is a Taiwanese technology company that is considered a leader in the development of HMI displays. Already in 2009, Weintek presented the world with two LED type HMI displays (MT8070iH-7" and MT8100i-10"), which set the standard for displays in the industrial sector in the following years.

Weintek's high standards and goals.

Weintek, like other dedicated technology companies, makes continuous technological development a top priority. Over the past 5 years, Weintek's R&D team has grown 3 times. Thanks to the team's extensive experience and knowledge, Weintek has developed the most intuitive and feature-rich HMI panel software - EasyBuilder8000.

Weintek's official distributor in the Baltics.

Like Weintek, ZTF Lāsma highly values ​​the knowledge and experience of its employees, which is why we are proud to represent Weintek as an official distributor in the Baltic countries for more than five years. We provide professional advice on the functions of Weintek HMI displays, PLC, IO systems and data concentrators, their application and integration in the automation of production processes. The assortment of ZTF Lāsma includes 100% of Weintek products, and most of them are immediately available in our warehouse in Riga.

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