Wireless signal transmission

  • 4 configurable analog inputs (0.20 mA or 0.10 V)
  • 3 configurable digital outputs
  • Up to 4 km of communication distance (LoS) with 868 MHz
Wireless signal transmission


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High quality connectors and cables

Connectors and cables are essential components in electrical installations and electronic systems, ensuring safe and efficient connections between various devices and components. These products come in various forms and specifications to meet specific requirements and applications.

Types of Connectors and Their Use

Connectors are designed for secure and reliable electrical wire connections. They come in different shapes and sizes, such as connectors with cable, providing convenient and quick installation. Some of the most popular connectors are plugs and terminals, which ensure a safe electrical connection.

Diversity and Application of Cables

Cables vary in types, including network cables, power cables, and signal cables. Each type of cable is designed for specific needs, ensuring high performance and reliability. For example, cables with 2 connectors are ideal for network connections, providing fast and stable data transmission.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation of connectors and cables is a crucial process requiring high precision and expertise. It is important to choose the right products that meet specific requirements and ensure long-lasting operation. For instance, connectors and plugs are easy to install and provide stable connections, reducing the need for technical maintenance.