Switchgear assembly

When ordering materials, we will assemble the switchboards according to the customer's instructions. Our experience allows us to build control cabinets and switchboards for automatic control and regulation of water supply, water treatment, fire fighting, ventilation, heating boilers, small hydro generators and wind turbines.
We assemble and manufacture control cabinets and switchboards for automation systems.

Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge in the assembly of automatic switchboards of varying complexity and purpose.

We regularly maintain and renew our technical base by purchasing quality tools and equipment. A professional working group is the determining factor in the production of high-quality products.

Komplektējam un izgatavojam automatizācijas sistēmām paredzētus vadības skapjus un sadalnes.
During the year we can complete more than 100 orders of varying complexity.
Tālāk norādītās darbības mēs saistām ar sadales iekārtu montāžu:
assembly and supply of necessary materials;
assembly and testing of cabinets and switchgear;
adjustment and launching on site
(as required)
Only high-quality materials from known and verified suppliers are used for the assembly of the control sections. The main supplier of electrotechnical materials is:
Vadības sadaļu montāžai tiek izmantoti tikai kvalitatīvi materiāli.
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