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Turck sensorTurck is a global partner for factory, process and logistics automation in many industries. With its digitally connected solutions for efficient automation systems, the company supports digital transformation and is one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Turck's automation solutions contribute to the profitability, efficiency and sustainability of machines and plants. In this way, they not only increase competitiveness, but also contribute to more eco-friendly production. As a specialist in smart sensor technology and decentralised automation, Turck provides machines with a level of intelligence and ensures reliable detection, transmission and processing of relevant production data - from sensor to cloud - not only with robust I/O solutions with IP67, but also with user-friendly software and services. 

Turck automation solutions increase plant availability

Turck's automation solutions increase the availability and efficiency of machines and equipment in a wide range of industries and applications, from the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries to the automotive industry and mobile machinery, as well as intralogistics and packaging. The sector-specific knowledge gained through intensive exchanges with customers, combined with the development and production of electronics at the highest level, ensures optimal solutions for customers' automation tasks. 

Official Turck partner in Latvia - ZTF Lāsma

ZTF Lāsma is the official Turck partner in Latvia. Our professional engineers will provide high-level advice on Turck products and their capabilities.

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