Challenge SICK PowerProx Distance Sensors

  • 50 mm ... 3,800 mm
  • 2x NPN/PNP
  • 4..20mA/0..10V
  • IO-Link
Challenge SICK PowerProx Distance Sensors

Electronic sensors

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Electronic sensors for a wide range of applications

Electronic sensors are an important and common feature of modern technology. It offers a wide range of applications from industry to a variety of household items.

Photo sensors are one of these technologies, capable of sensing the intensity of light and converting it into an electrical signal. These sensors are indispensable in photography, video surveillance and automatic lighting systems.

Inductive sensors work by using a magnetic field to identify the presence or distance of objects. They are perfectly suited to industrial automation as they are able to detect metal objects, offering precise and reliable operation.

Capacitive sensors are another important sensor, using changes in the electromagnetic field to determine the presence of an object or its distance. They can be used to detect liquid levels, for example in tanks, which are quite common in industry.

Ultrasonic sensors use ultrasound to detect the distance or presence of objects. They are used in medical equipment, industrial processes, providing accurate measurement and efficient operation even in difficult conditions, and even in car parking systems.

Fibre optic sensors are an integral part of modern communication and data transmission systems. They are widely used in data network infrastructure and sensor networks, providing high data rates and stability.

Magnetic cylinder sensors and magnetic proximity sensors are essential in industrial automation, providing information on the location and movement of objects. These sensors are extremely robust and can operate in contaminated environments.

Overall, electronic sensors are unlocking technological innovations and opportunities, offering a wide range of applications in different sectors and contributing to efficiency, safety and convenience in our daily lives.