Tecnosoft: Elevating Data Acquisition with Innovation and Integrity

Lapp CableEstablished in 1989, Tecnosoft is a dynamic force in research and development for data acquisition systems. Rooted in creativity, collaboration, and ethical business practices, the company focuses on Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Experience.

Tecnosoft's journey began with custom data acquisition systems, catering to diverse industries. Since 2002, it expanded to offer a branded line of monitoring devices covering temperature, humidity, and pressure, providing comprehensive solutions with tailored software.

Quality of development

The company's commitment to quality is evident through its ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system, ensuring precise standards in software development and constant improvement based on user feedback.

Tecnosoft stands out for its holistic approach, not just developing devices but delivering complete solutions. The company actively engages in social initiatives and operates an in-house Academy for professional training and client education.

Global testimonials, such as those from Komets Company in South Korea and MUNDOLAB S.A. in Chile, underscore Tecnosoft's reputation for trustworthiness and product quality. With a strong global presence and impactful collaborations, Tecnosoft continues to be a reliable and innovative player in the field of data acquisition systems.

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