Connecting the world: the LAPP success story

Lapp CableLAPP stands out as one of the world's most renowned manufacturers in cable technology and connectivity. The German company is known for innovation, quality and family values.

LAPP's origins date back to ÖLFLEX®, the first commercially produced, flexible and oil-resistant control cable, developed by Oskar Lapp in 1957. This innovation laid the foundations for the U.I. Lapp KG, a family company that has become a symbol of quality and reliability.

One of the keys to LAPP's success is its commitment to family values, emphasising quality, customer service and environmental responsibility.

Wide range - wide possibilities

LAPP's product range comprises more than 40,000 items, offering fully integrated connectivity solutions in sectors such as manufacturing, robotics, transportation, food processing, alternative energy and oil platforms.

The company's global presence is supported by 51 distributors and more than 100 partners worldwide, integrating LAPP automation solutions across a wide range of industries. Alexander Lapp leads the company's efforts in digitalisation and e-business, ensuring that LAPP stays ahead in the digital environment.

Shaping the future of cable and connectivity technology, LAPP continues to be a model of success, connecting the world with its unwavering commitment to excellence and family values.

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