S+S Regeltechnik: Sensor Technology

S+S Regeltechnik is a leading sensor technology company offering a wide range of high quality sensors and measuring devices for a variety of industries including temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion and air quality. They are known for their reliability, accuracy and innovative solutions.

Product Categories

  • Temperature Sensors: High-precision sensors and controllers for different environments.
  • Mitruma Sensors: For measuring and controlling humidity levels.
  • Pressure Sensors: For measuring pressure and differential pressure.
  • Light and Motion Sensors: For light intensity and motion detection.
  • Air Quality Sensors: for measuring CO2, VOC and other air quality parameters.

S+S Regeltechnik is a reliable partner offering innovative solutions for industrial, construction and environmental technology, providing high quality products that meet international standards. They are committed to continuous development and customer satisfaction.

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