Digital Process Indicators

  • Mounting: 22.5mm / Din-Rail or Surface
  • Input signal 4-20 mA
  • Display values from -999 ... + 9999
  • Signal scaling
  • Alarm function
Digital Process Indicators


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Process sensors - monitoring accuracy

Process sensors are widely used to monitor processes using a variety of liquids and gases. They record and monitor data from these processes. They are mainly individually designed and manufactured for specific applications - according to the specific requirements of the medium to be measured as well as the pressure and temperature.

Different types of process sensors are specifically designed to monitor process values:

  • Filling level - level sensors monitor and record the filling level in tanks, vessels and other containers.
  • Temperature - temperature sensors measure and monitor the temperature of the environment and systems.
  • Pressure - pressure sensors are used to record and monitor system pressure and hydrostatic pressure.
  • Throughput - flow sensors measure and monitor flow rate and flow volume

They measure the relevant process values and send them to a PLC (programmable logic controller), which then relays this information to the HMI control panel or displays the readings on a process indicator.

Field of usage of process sensors

Process sensors are used in the food industry, the chemical industry, hydraulic equipment and wastewater technology, among other industries. They perform the following tasks:

  • Pressure recording in pneumatic and hydraulic applications;
  • measurement and information on the current filling level;
  • temperature recording in critical processes;
  • flow meters.