Autonics - A reliable supplier of industrial automation solutions.

Autonics relejsAutonics is a global industrial automation company from South Korea. Offering high-quality automation elements and components in its range, Autonics has taken a very stable position in the industrial automation market. The company's range includes a variety of sensors, controllers, measuring equipment, marking systems and connection equipment, as well as a range of solutions. Autonics products are trusted by many world-class manufacturing companies, for whom the most important criteria are a safe product and a reliable supplier.

Official Autonics distributor in the Baltics.

ZTF Lāsma has been the official Autonics distributor in the Baltic countries for 20 years. We offer professional advice on Autonics industrial or industrial automation solutions, production, its functions and integration into your company's automation. ZTF Lāsma offers a wide assortment of Autonics, a large part of which is immediately available in our warehouse in Riga.

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