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In a world where security is paramount, Master Lock has stood the test of time as a benchmark of reliability and dependability. For more than a century, this American manufacturer has not only developed locks and padlocks, but also a wide range of security solutions that have been embraced by both the private and industrial sectors. With a history spanning more than 100 years, Master Lock has written its name in the history of security innovation and has earned the title of a pioneer in the field.

Master Lock legacy

Master Lock's journey began in 1921 when founder Harry Soref patented the world's first laminated padlock, introducing an innovation that redefined security standards. From that groundbreaking moment, the company embarked on a continuous evolution, building a legacy that has endured to this day.

Committed to security

A key tenet of the Master Lock philosophy has always been to provide security solutions that enable individuals and organisations to protect what matters most. Whether it's protecting valuable assets, securing premises or ensuring peace of mind, Master Lock's commitment to security is unwavering.

An innovative approach to security challenges

Master Lock industriālās slēdzenes

What makes Master Lock stand out is its constant drive to innovate. Focused on improving security, the company has consistently developed advanced solutions that adapt to changing threats and challenges. Master Lock offers a wide range of products, from traditional locks to advanced electronic security systems.

Worldwide visibility

Master Lock's reputation extends far beyond the USA. The company's products have found their way into homes, businesses and industries around the world. As a trusted partner in security solutions, Master Lock has earned the trust of customers around the world.

Master Lock official distributor in the Baltics

In the Baltic region, Master Lock products and quality standards are represented by ZTF Lāsma, which has been the official distributor for more than 14 years. ZTF Lāsma not only offers a diverse range of industrial locks, but also provides expert advice on all Master Lock products.

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