Limit switch leader Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique gala slēdzisTelemecanique Sensors has been an industry leader in sensors and sensing solutions for more than 90 years. The strongest niche in which the company is recognised as an expert is limit and pressure switches.

Thanks to Telemecanique Sensors' accumulated knowledge and impeccable customer service, the company has become an important supplier and partner to many manufacturers worldwide. 

Telemecanique Sensors products all around the world

Providing quality products and service in more than 20 countries, Telemecanique Sensors products reach all corners of the globe through a network of trusted partners. As a truly global player, the company understands the diverse needs and challenges faced by companies in different industries and has made it its goal to provide customers with the most efficient and reliable products and service possible.

Telemecanique Sensors core values are developing innovative solutions

Telemecanique Sensors prides itself on its core values of Simplicity, Proximity and Expertise. These guiding principles encourage the development of new and innovative solutions. They simplify complex processes and help to get closer to customers by demonstrating an understanding of sensor technology.

Telemecanique Sensors is considered a pioneer in manufacturing automation sensors. This is proven by more than 90 years of knowledge and experience.

indukcijas sensori

Thanks to its relentless pursuit of excellence, the company has won the trust of many customers. They appreciate the professional dedication of Telemecanique Sensors. The company develops and offers the best products and sensor solutions tailored to customer requirements.

The company is happy to devote all the time necessary to understand the needs of its customers. With great responsibility, Telemecanique Sensors provides its customers with personalized recommendations, making cooperation "simply easy!".

Telemecanique Sensors is officially distributed in the Baltics by ZTF Lāsma

Our company has become the leading sensor specialist and supplier of Telemecanique Sensors in the Baltic States since 1 August 2023. Our engineers will tell you about Telemecanique Sensors products, their features and possibilities how to integrate them into any company's production automation systems.

Become a Telemecanique Sensors partner and get excellent value-added products at a great price. Improve your company's productivity with reliable sensors chosen by many leading companies.


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