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Since its foundation in 1976, PETER Electronic has been a major player in the electronic motor control market. The company's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has led to groundbreaking achievements in this field. PETER Electronic specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic components for both open and closed loop control of electric motors. The company's product range has consistently set industry standards.

PETER Electronic's history is testament to the company's commitment to growth. From soft starters and DC brakes to frequency converters and thyristor/transistor controllers, their products have continuously expanded the possibilities of electric motor control technology. With a constant focus on customisation and development, their offering remains at the forefront of modern industry needs.

PETER Electronic's approach is based on flexibility and cooperation. With their extensive experience, they work seamlessly with multinational companies, while their flexibility allows them to quickly meet the individual needs of different clients. This emphasis on collaboration has enabled them to build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with their customers.

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Located in the innovation-rich Nuremberg region, PETER Electronic is at the forefront of technological progress in Europe. This advantageous location allows to serve customers efficiently all over the world, overcoming geographical barriers and providing fast customer service.

Quality is the cornerstone of PETER Electronic. Through rigorous testing, the company ensures that every product meets the highest quality standards and all processes are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. The company views challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement, consistently developing its solutions in open collaboration with its customers.

Peter Electronic - Official Distributor in Latvia and Lithuania

ZTF Lāsma is a official distributor of Peter Electronic in Latvia and Lithuania. Our team of experts is ready to provide professional advice on Peter Electronic products, their capabilities, features and ways to integrate them directly into your company's automation processes. We offer a wide range of products and fast delivery times.

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