VersiBrake Safe dynamic brakes

January 25, 2019
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  Since 1976, "PETER electronic" have consistently specialised in the design and manufacture of electronic components for the open and closed loop control of electric motors. Innovative range of products is continuously improved and updated and is thus setting a good standard on the pulse of technology. Today, PETER product spectrum of control devices for three-phase asynchronous and d.c. motors includes soft starters and d.c. brakes

  "PETER electronics" is coming out with brand new dynamic brake series - VersiBrake Safe. Main focus of new devices is to increase efficiency and safety in workplace. Dynamic brakes ranges from 72A to 320A motor current. VersiBrake Safe has integrated "stop" detection for safety issues. Devices offer also protection from overcurrent and overload. It is possible to use PTC,Pt1000 sensors for overheat detection. Versibrake series offer star-delta starting and much more.


  • integrated braking contactor
  • integrated standstill detection
  • monitoring of stopping time
  • parameterization via keypad or CAN-Bu
  • self-optimizing braking
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