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ELK MOTOR is a company based in Turkey with a lot of experience in the production of electric motors. ELK Motor manufactures a variety of asynchronous electric motors with case sizes from 63 to 315 that meet the high efficiency classifications IE2, IE3 and IE4.

All motor series are designed in accordance with European standards and are manufactured according to IE4, IE3 and IE2 efficiency class standards.

In addition, ELK motors are manufactured according to the IE3 efficiency class from the very first days of production, which provides customers with an easy transition from the IE2 to the IE3 standard, thanks to the same dimensions of the IE2 and IE3 motor housings.

In addition to the standard collection of electric motors, the company also offers to manufacture special motors that meet specific customer requirements.

ELK motors are manufactured at our factory in Çerkezköy, Turkey, using a full production cycle. From engineering research and development to metal forming, casting, sheet metal processing and winding. All shafts, housings and covers are machined on fully automatic CNC machines under continuous quality control supervision.

Only according to this principle, the company is always able to guarantee the best possible level of quality, reliability, durability and performance for all its electric motors.

Before the product is packed and shipped, it goes through 100% quality control and testing. Which meets the company's internal quality ISO 9001 standards.

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