Pixsys - Advancing Continuity and Innovation in Industrial Technology

Pixsys indikatorsFounded in the early 1990s in Italy, Pixsys stands as a pioneering technology company that has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the industrial sector. The company's product portfolio continues to evolve, encompassing a diverse array of sensors, PID controllers, signal converters, PLCs, HMI displays, and industrial computers. Notably, Pixsys places a strong emphasis on delivering a user-friendly and intuitive interface, recognizing that seamless interaction is paramount for end-users.

Vertical Integration for Quality Assurance

Pixsys takes pride in its commitment to quality, ensuring that all products undergo a meticulous production process. From component and software design to assembly on state-of-the-art production lines equipped with calibration systems and automated testing, Pixsys maintains rigorous quality standards. The company's manufacturing facility adheres to Lean manufacturing principles, embracing digitization to enhance efficiency.

Trackable Products with QR Codes

Pixsys has integrated a unique feature into its product line—QR tag codes. This innovative addition allows for easy tracking throughout the entire lifecycle of the products. This not only facilitates traceability but also contributes to the user-friendly experience and simplifies support at the after-sales stage.

Engaging Technical Community

Pixsys fosters a dynamic technical community through its dedicated forum, where programmers and experts converge to share insights, ask questions, and engage directly with the company's research and development team. This collaborative environment accelerates problem-solving and enhances the overall user experience.

Official Pixsys Distributor in Latvia

ZTF Lāsma has been the authorized distributor of Pixsys in Latvia for more than 20 years. The collaboration goes beyond simple distribution; ZTF Lāsma makes significant efforts to establish brand awareness and maintain Pixsys' exacting quality requirements. Their extensive inventory, kept in a warehouse in Riga, guarantees easy access to a variety of Pixsys goods, meeting the demands of industrial clients in Latvia with promptness and efficiency.

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