Food and medicine temperature monitoring with Pixsys

February 20, 2023
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Food and medicine temperature monitoring with Pixsys-0

The ability to measure and control temperature remains a major challenge in the food, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The above industries use elements that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. As a result, strict manufacturing, storage and transportation safety protocols must be followed.

These safety measures include continuous temperature monitoring. In some cases, temperature control is fundamental to maintaining the usability and effectiveness of the product. You would definitely not want to find at home that the steak you bought stinks noticeably. It would be even more unpleasant to notice other living creatures in it.

We have already told you several times about different types of temperature sensors. In this article, we would like to draw more attention to the Italian temperature sensor manufacturer Pixsys. We will also introduce its sensor types, classification classes and their available range found in our e-lasma store.

About Pixsys' continuous innovation

Let's start with the fact that the company's product range is constantly expanding and currently includes many different sensors, PID controllers, signal converters, PLCs, HMI displays and industrial computers. One of the main priorities of Pixsys is to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Innovation and continuity of development is one of the most important aspects to which special attention is paid.

Pixsys manufactures all its products in-house - from component and software design to assembly on production lines with calibration systems and automated testing equipment. The company's factory relies on Lean manufacturing guidelines and increases digitization.

Accurate temperature monitoring with Pixsys PT100

We have found one of the most accurate and efficient temperature sensors - the Pixsys PT100. You will ask - on what principle does the Pixsys PT100 temperature sensor work? The operating principle of this manufacturer's temperature sensor is based on resistance measurements. For example, at 0°C it is 100 Ω and at 100°C it is 138.4 Ω. 1° step corresponds to ~0.385 Ω. It should be emphasized that the technology is based on thin layers of platinum on a ceramic substrate, which are thin film resistors.

Pixsys PT100 temperature sensors are available with:

  • For 2 wires - means that a slight shift in temperature measurements may occur due to wire resistance;
  • For 3 wires - the third wire compensates the resistance, i.e. the offset is calculated in the controller and the reading is accurately reflected. Basically, this principle is used in production;
  • For 4 wires - a similar principle that ensures maximum accuracy (see pictures in the appendix).

Classification of Pixsys PT100 temperature sensors into classes:

  • Class A - with a tolerance of ±0.15 °C at 0 °C;
  • Class B - with a tolerance of ±0.3 °C at 0 °C.

Typically, the measuring range of the Pixsys PT100 temperature sensor is: -50 ... 500 °C

Pixsys PT100 sensor type listing:

 The Pixsys PT100 temperature sensor with a "head" means that a signal converter can be connected in a compact way, which converts the measured resistance from the PT100 to 4-20 mA, which can already be used with a Siemens PLC, Schneider PLC or any other controller. Many other reliable Pixsys sensors and corresponding controllers are also available in our range - both with simple operation of relays at a certain temperature, as well as more complex solutions.

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