Mollet level measuring sesnori.

Mollet was founded in 1983 and since then has been in a constant stage of development and growth, currently occupying an increasingly stable position in the market among the world leaders in the production of rotary level sensors for agricultural grain tanks. Mollet manufactures level measurement and control sensors for bulk substances and safety systems for tanks and filling systems. Mollet sensors are a high quality product from Germany.

Thanks to the creative approach of the company's founder and the experience of the company's employees, Mollet with its many small but great innovations has quickly moved forward and become highly sought after in the agricultural market. Mollet products are manufactured in Germany. It stands out for its thoughtful, reliable and stable operation, which is reflected in every detail of the product.

Mollet official distributor in Latvia.

ZTF Lāsma is the official distributor of MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH in Latvia and Estonia since 2015, offering its customers high-quality rotary level sensors, advising on their functions and possibilities for integration into your company's automation.

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