Rezerves daļu piegāde ikona

Spare parts purveyance

ZTF "Lāsma" team, responding promptly to the customer's request, is able to offer the most optimal solution for the spare parts is needed.

We offer our customers to create a list of specific parts together with our experts, forecast the required volume and payment schedule. According to the agreement, we provide the customer with the necessary spare parts within a few hours, 24/7, 365 days a year. Customer benefits: shorter downtime, less inventory in warehouse, smoother cash flow and expenses.



The necessary spare parts supply on the customer's request, using supply channels established as a result of long-term operation, from all over the world.

Customer benefits: genuine spare part from the manufacturer at a good price point and delivery time.


Replacement of the necessary spare parts - finding an analog product using the wide range of warehouses of our or represented manufacturers. Our experience and knowledge allow us to find 100% replacements for any automatic spare part.

Customer benefits: best price and delivery time.


Rezerves daļu remonts. Mūsu elektronikas speciālisti veiks diagnostiku un salabos bojātās detaļas vai piedāvās alternatīvu iespēju.

Customer benefits: the fastest possible temporary solution in an emergency to prevent equipment downtime.


Maintenance of necessary spare parts warehouse. "Lāsma" has started the development and implementation of a new service for customers: realizing the customer's regular needs for specific automation spare parts, we optimize the customer's spare parts warehouse stocks and their costs.

How our offer is formed:
  • research
  • offer
  • agreement
  • provision of stock
  • spare parts supply
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Lusine Oganesjana
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