Aplisens: High-Quality Process Sensors Since 1992

Aplisens sensorsEstablished in Warsaw in 1992, Aplisens has experienced rapid growth and development in Poland, earning its place among the global leaders in the production of top-notch process sensors. Since its inception, Aplisens has maintained a steadfast focus on electronic pressure and differential pressure measurement technology. The extensive product range includes differential pressure transmitters, hydrostatic level probes, level transmitters, valves, digital indicators, power supply units, separators, and more.

High-level product development

Continuous product development, coupled with adherence to high-level production standards and the ISO 9001 management system, underscores Aplisens' commitment to ensuring exceptional production quality, a tradition upheld for decades.

Official distributor of Aplisens in Latvia.

Proudly serving as the official distributor of Aplisens in Latvia, ZTF Lāsma has been a trusted partner for over 10 years in the Baltic States. Offering professional advice on the functions, solutions, and integration of Aplisens process sensors into your company's automation, ZTF Lāsma provides a comprehensive assortment of Aplisens products. A significant portion of this inventory is readily available at our warehouse in Riga.

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