Extended range of pressure sensor storage.

June 12, 2017
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Extended range of pressure sensor storage.-0

Thanks to the long-lasting contact with the pressure sensor manufacturer APLISENS, ZTF LASMA has been supplied with pressure and hydrostatic sensor set-up and parametrization equipment. With this equipment, we are able to deliver the necessary sensors within one day with the appropriate measuring ranges, output signal and / or cable length.

Main Customer Benefits:
Well priced
Fast order execution time
Absolute freedom in measuring range and / or cable length
High quality product

PCE-28 Series Pressure Sensors: SGE-25 Hydrostatic Level Sensors:
Specification: Specification:
0-300 bar in the range for example 0-0.25 bar; 0-1bar;
 0-4bar, etc.
with process connection: G1 / 4 '; G1 / 2 "
 or Membrane CG1 / 2'' or CG1 ''
the output signal is 4 ... 20mA or 0-10V

0-100 m / H2O range for example 0-1m; 0-5m;
 0-10m etc
output signal 4 ... 20mA


Code example: Code example:
PCE-28 / 0..1 bar /4..20mA/PD/CG1 "
Measuring range 0-1 bar
Output signal 4..20mA
Connector type: PD-DIN standard
Process connection: CG1 & quot; membrane 1 & quot;

SGE-25/0 ... 5mH2O /4..20mA/PD/K-10
Measuring zone 0-5 m H2O
Output signal 4..20mA
Cable length 10m

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Juris Vuškāns
Industrial Sensor Specialist
+371 2411 0541

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