Compact tunnel metal detector for industrial use

August 12, 2017
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The CEIA Metal Detector TSM D is compact and easy to install, suitable for determining the size and shape of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, which allows it to be used for the control of production materials and for the safety of the equipment.

Digital sensitivity within the range 0-299, detection speed (2-250 m / min)
Metal detecting visual and sound indicator
Power supply voltage: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A max
Stainless steel control unit housing and probe, IP65
Working environment conditions: Temp: -10 ... + 55 ° C; RH 0 to 95%
Probable tunnel type probe dimensions: Width 500-1500mm, Height 200-700mm
Compact and durable construction for harsh and demanding working conditions
Probe opening, installation without conveyor belt cutting
High immunity to external environmental impairments
Extensive use in various industries: wood processing, energy, chemicals, textile and food industries.

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