Easy data entry in the IntegraXor WEB SCADA system

September 12, 2017
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Easy data entry in the IntegraXor WEB SCADA system-0

If you need to view the production process values (° C, rH, mA, V, DI / DO, etc.) in real time and register it in the database, IntegraXor SCADA system is the necessary solution.

IntegraXor SCADA system has a wide range of communication protocol support - MODBUS (RTU / ASCII / TCP)); Ethernet / IP, Profinet, OMRON, Mitsubishi, etc., which allows you to receive data from most industrial devices.
Real-time process data can be displayed not only numerically and textually, but also to display them using the Inkscape SAGE graphical development package, which allows any vector-based visual object (svg) to associate the process variable and, depending on the value of the process, change its visual appearance (color, size, rotation, etc.).

The SCADA system provides an easy and fast way to create visually appealing, functional graphs for viewing data.

The built-in alert reporting system allows you to send email alerts when real-time data exceeds previously set alert levels. The database automatically registers alerts. The SCADA system allows you to view the alarm history with the data about the process value at the time of the operation, as well as the exact time that the alarm was performed and canceled.

If you need a unique functionality to record data - it can be implemented with IntegraXor and scripting language - Javascript.

The IntegraXor system allows you to create a SCADA system with multiple user access levels, each user can define which SCADA windows the user can view, as well as variables whose values the user has the right to change.

The SCADA system allows you to create complex SQL queries, thus giving you the ability to retrieve reports on saved data in different sections.

IntegraXor SCADA system can store data indefinitely, or use the built-in database clearing feature that automatically erases the previous data that is older than the specified number of days. With this feature, you will not have to worry about filling up your hard disk with unnecessary information.
Using a free PostgreSQL database software, you can store large amounts of data in a database.

Database Limitations:
Database size - unlimited
Database table size up to 32 TB
The maximum size of one line of queue is 1.6 TB
Unlimited table rows count
Free database support (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, PRO version of MySQL database support)
Free virtual variables (license costs are determined by communication variables and modules that are used additionally)
You can create and execute complex SQL queries
Multiple access levels for users
Broad communication protocol support - MODBUS (RTU / ASCII / TCP)); Ethernet / IP, Profinet, OMRON, Mitsubishi, etc.

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