How to read Pixsys temperature controllers in a Modbus RTU network

January 24, 2023
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Pixsys temperature controllers are a permanent asset that has helped us solve the automation of heating processes for several decades. ZTF Lāsma's portfolio is unimaginable without this handy Italian brand device  on the warehouse shelves.

Pixsys is an extremely flexible and easily configurable PID controller capable of providing stability to the most complex processes. It is a device that will not let you down. When countless processes are controlled using Pixsys devices, there is a need to manage them centrally.

Connecting PID controllers to a shared Modbus RTU network opens up a whole new world of data browsing and management. The Modbus RTU network allows you to monitor temperatures, accumulate process data, set new process temperatures and better prevent deviations from the ideal process. Weintek HMI is an excellent device for centralized management of Pixsys PID controllers. The built-in Modbus RTU driver and visualization functionality allow you to easily create the most convenient monitoring and data collection model

In this video you will see:

  • Modbus RTU configuration on Pixsys device side
  • Modbus RTU configuration on the Weintek HMI side
  • Adding Pixsys readable registers  in  visualization

Application of Pixsys controllers:

  • Temeprature control
  • Level control
  • Pressure control 
  • Humidity control etc.

Technical parameters of Pixsys controllers:

  • Supports RTD, TC, PTC, NTC, 0-10V, 4-20mA abalogue inputs
  • 1 analogue input, 1 relay output 5A. 1 difital input/output
  • Power suply 24-230 VAC/DC

Main advantages:

  • Wide range of supported analoge signals
  • Easy configurable via NFC and smartphone
  • PID autotune

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