How to control frequency converter with Weintek HMI?

January 11, 2023
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Optimal use of energy resources is the basic task of the automation process. Convenient, transparent and centralized motor speed control will save your time, energy and improve quality of product. Many of our customers have encountered inaccurate data control in their work.

In the following article and video material, you will learn how to set up monitoring of several operating modes at the same time, how to perform control from one device more accurately, so that you can assess the situation in time and react accordingly during the process.

Regardless of whether one or more frequency drives are connected to the HMI, the HMI panel makes it much easier to browse and change the following parameters:

  • frequency setpoint
  • acceleration and braking ramps
  • current motor current
  • analog and digital input status frequency converter
  • PID regulation related parameters and many more

In this video, you will see:

  • How to configure Invertek Drives side
  • How to configure the Weintek HMI side
  • Adding registers for visualization
  • Motor control from HMI

Weintek HMI application:

  • setting and changing motor speed
  • changing the configuration parameters of the frequency converter
  • displaying various informative motor current parameters (current, temperature, etc.)

Weintek HMI technical parameters:

  • Screen sizes from 7" to 15.6"
  • 2x Modbus RTU, 2x Ethernet connections
  • Built-in internal memory 4 GB
  • Powerful 4-core processor

Weintek HMI main advantages:

  • Free-of-charge visualization development environment
  • Built-in Modbus RTU communication driver
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Available in ZTF Lāsma warehouse

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