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March 12, 2019
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Invertek ECO drive series is an economical and paratical solution for venting and pumping systems. At oter times, it seems that nothing can be surprising, but Invertek frequency drives will surprise by its energy efficiency and repayment period of investment. Thanks to a special capacitator batteries and mathematical functions adapted to pumps and ventilation systems, the effectiveness of the ECO series is superior to other models and inverters of other manufacturers.
Looking at the red line of the graph, which is ratio to a power vs air flow, you can find an interesting relationship. The power to flow ratio changes exponentially. This means thatby reducing the fan turns in half, the power consumed is decreasing significantly and is only 15% to 20% of the masimum power. It is economically very beneficial to use a fan to full power only when its needed. In terms of energy efficiency, it is more convenient to even install two fans in one place and consume them to a part-time capacity there by saving kWh. This is ECO series main benefit. Invertek has developed a vector control for precise power and speed distribution and accurate PID regulation. In addition, frequency drivers and engines can be used in parallel as cascade mode, depending on the required load.

By applying, the savings of Invertek ECO drives are significant. It is so significant that your investment could pay off in the first year.
Please consult with our specialists or calculate with energy calculator for the exact calculations.

Effieciency improving by Vector control
Invertek vector control improves the efficiency of fans and pumps power factor and engine effieciency. Energy savings about 2% to 3%.
Ecodrives to frame size 5, uses film capacitators that improve effectivity by up to 4%.
Example: When operating a 37 kW load for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year with an improved effectivity, only a 1%energy saving is above 900 kWh per year.

IP protection
IP20 Frame sizes 2-3; up to11kW
IP20 Frame sizes 8; up to 250kW
IP55 Frame sizes 4-7; up to 160kW
IP66 Frame sizes 2-3; up to 11kW
ECO drives for ventilation
ECO vector control
precise speed control
Internal EMC Filter
Reduced performance noise level
stand by/wake up function
fan emergency detection
OLED display

Optiflow provides multi-pump control with connected inventors without PLC or expensive pump management systems.
Built-in PID controller
Pump cascade control
Pump lock detection
Identifying a damaged pipe
Protection against the “dry” operation of the pump
Engine Warm-Up
More information and descriptions can be found on the Invertekwebsite.

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