VIDEO: How to replace the Modbus RTU network with a wireless solution from Tekon Electronics?

September 20, 2022
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Modbus RTU communication between a Master and a Slave device using a classic wired connection is well known to everyone. It is easy to create and functions stably in the long term, without requiring a complicated communication network for data exchange.

The Modbus communication protocol has already been known in automation for 4 decades. It has taken root in many industries during this period. Its use in modern automation continues to thrive. Along with the wide application and popularity of the communication protocol, countless manufacturers of automation components offer their devices with Modbus RTU support. Thus gaining flexibility in the range of brands and devices to be used, as well as benefits in terms of mutual data exchange.

Complications arise when changes are made in the arrangement of Master and Slave devices of an existing network, or if the relocation of devices takes place continuously, then moving communication cables can cause inconvenience. There is a solution for this!

In the following video material, you will learn about Tekon Electronics wireless serial module WSM101, how you can easily provide Modbus RTU communication between Master and Slave devices without using a classic cable network.

In this video you will see:

Application of Tekon Electronics WSM 101:

  • Modbus RTU network wireless transmission (transmitter receiver)
  • Signal repeater (range extender)

Tekon Electronics WSM 101 technical parameters:

  • Supports up to 256 slave devices
  • Range radius up to 4 km (line of sight)
  • 5-24 VDC power supply
  • Working temperature -20..+80C

The main advantage of wireless modules:

  • No need to make any changes in the network settings of the Master or Slave devices, nor in reading the registers itself. All you have to do is configure the wireless modules, connect them to your devices and the communication is provided wirelessly.

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