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February 3, 2023
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Still an inferior temperature monitor can cause financial losses for your company. For example, this is a topical issue especially for logistics industries. It is important for all of us to receive fresh and quality products. Therefore, medicines, products of animal and plant origin, as well as many other goods, have one common feature - the need for temperature control during production, transportation and storage.

Did you know that incorrect temperature monitoring during transportation can damage the produce up to 20 % of the load? This clearly shows that temperature monitoring systems are one way to avoid losses and solve logistical problems. In the following article, we will introduce you to the temperature measurement expert - Czaki Thermo Products.

Czaki - one of the leading manufacturers of process sensors in Europe. Currently, Czaki manufactures more than 300 different temperature sensors for various industries and laboratories. The company offers a portable temperature measuring device for everyday use. This kit includes the converter, the screen and the temperature sensor itself. If necessary, it is possible to calibrate the sensor. Depending on the application, you can choose a sensor size starting from 60 mm up to 1000 mm.

Application of Czaki temperature meter

  • food,
  • technical devices,
  • for home use,
  • for production purposes.

Technical parameters of the temperature sensor Czaki

  • Measuring range: -50°C to +400°C
  • Battery type: 1 x 9V
  • Accuracy: 0.15%
  • LCD display
  • Kit: converter and sensor

Key advantages of the temperature sensor Czaki

  • Convenient, simple and compact
  • Easy calibration options
  • Separately attachable sensor with handy handle
  • Available locally in our warehouse

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