How to control pressure level with Optidrive E3?

February 8, 2023
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Frequency converters from Invertek Drives are designed to control, regulate and protect electric motors. There are quite a few options for how to regulate the engine speed with a frequency converter, this time we will look at one of the examples.

We will use a single-phase frequency converter Optidrive E3, a 4-20 mA signal generator and a single-phase motor. The video shows how to set additional parameters so that the engine speed can be regulated with a 4-20 mA signal. The most important thing we will cover in this video is the PI control. PI control is useful for systems that need to keep the pressure within a certain range. Such as for water supply, air supply or cooling equipment.

We perform the configuration using the main panel of the frequency converter.

Application of frequency converters Optidrive E3:

  • conveyors, mixers, treadmills;
  • metering, bore and portable pumps;
  • swimming pools, SPAs and fountains;
  • air handling equipment, fans, air curtains and hoods.

Technical parameters:

  • sensorless vector control for all motor types;
  • integrated PI controller;
  • IP20 and IP66 protection;
  • power range from 0.37 – 37kW, 110V – 480V;

The main advantages of Optidrive E3:

  • additional motor protection and energy saving;
  • speed regulation in a selected range;
  • convenient mounting both on a flat surface and on a DIN rail;
  • fast and understandable setting of parameters;
  • available models with IP20 and IP66;
  • it is possible to connect a Bluetooth adapter to perform overclocking with the phone.


If you need other energy-efficient Invertek Drives frequency converters or accessories, contact the specialists of ZTF Lāsma, who will help you find the most suitable and economically advantageous solution. We are here to support!


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