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August 1, 2022
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Reliable Pixsys controllers - solutions for everyone-0

Have you ever faced a long and complicated controller configuration? We have a great solution! In the following article, we will introduce Pixsys controllers, which can be configured much faster and more transparently with the NFC function using a mobile phone.

Pixsys offers controllers for any type of application, from temperature control to complex industrial processes. If the priority in the company is automation, then you do not always need a PLC, you can safely use Pixsys products.

Setting up the controllers can be done using NFC, which is much faster and more transparent than configuring with keys. Modbus RS485 protocol is also available for some versions, so that measurements or processes can be controlled remotely using PLC, HMI, etc. options.

Application of Pixsys controllers:

  • For industrial drying ovens and refrigeration equipment
  • For heating systems
  • For gas equipment
  • In tanks for transshipment and storage
  • For food industry equipment
  • For plastic industry equipment
  • For the wood and paint industry
  • For water purification
  • Textile industry for equipment
  • In the railway sector

The main advantages of Pixsys controllers:

  • easy programming options,
  • universal power system,
  • operational technical support,
  • convenient and user-friendly management.

Pixsys products are offered for diverse categories and applications. In ZTF Lāsma warehouse, not only controllers are available, but also widely used Pixsys PT100 and PT1000 sensors. ZTF Lāsma's experienced engineers will help you with choosing the right equipment and technical solutions. Our engineers provide technical support for the entire range of Pixsys products, from product installation to consulting for daily tasks. Entrust company automation to Pixsys controllers!

Several videos and descriptions have been created on our website specifically about Pixsys controllers.

  1. Pixsys ATR144 configuration with NFC
  2. How to configure Pixsys ATR144 4-20 mA?
  3. Pixsys ATR144 configuration with NFC using hysteresis application


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