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April 6, 2023
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German manufacturer S+S Regeltechnik offers high-precision differential pressure switches and transmitters that measure and monitor above-atmospheric, below-atmospheric, or differential pressures and volume flow in clean air as well as gaseous, non-aggressive media.

Applications are found in the field of cleanrooms, medical, large-scale offices, or production facilities. In the continuation of the article, you will find out which models are available in our warehouse with fast delivery.

Main applications:

  • monitoring of ventilation and conditioning air ducts,
  • control of fans and air dampers,
  • filter contamination monitoring,
  • pressure limit control,
  • fan rotation speed control (for frequency converters).

 1. Mechanical differential pressure switch PREMASREG® DS-2

PREMASREG® pressure switches are factory calibrated to measure within a specified range. Adjustment of the switching or operating point is done manually using the internal precision scale on the sensor housing. Sensor mounting with a 4-hole plastic base ring (DS-2 version) or with a metal bracket (DS-1 version)

Technical parameters of S+S Regeltechnik sensors:

  • Pressure range: 20..300Pa; 50..500 Pa; 100..1000Pa; 500..2000Pa; 1000..5000Pa
  • Contact load: 5A 250VAC; 4A 30VDC
  • Protection class: IP54

2. Analog differential pressure transmitter PREMASGARD® 212x - SD

PREMASGARD® 212x - SD series adjustable compact pressure transmitters are equipped with 8 switchable measuring ranges, 2 switchable output signals (16 devices in one), and with or without optional display. The sensor is set with the help of DIP switches, it can be done on-site at any time.

The piezoresistive measuring element is temperature compensated and guarantees a high degree of reliability and accuracy. These pressure transducers have a push-button for manual zero calibration and an adjustable offset.

Technical parameters of S+S Regeltechnik sensors:

  • Analog output: switchable 0 -10 V ⁄ 4...20 mA (using DIP switches)
  • Supply voltage: 24 V AC/DC (± 10%)
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Pressure range: -1000..+1000 Pa with the possibility to adjust the range using DIP switches:
  • (0..100 Pa ⁄ – 100...+ 100 Pa);
  • (0..300 Pa ⁄ – 300...+ 300 Pa);
  • (0..500 Pa ⁄ – 500...+ 500 Pa);
  • (0..1000 Pa ⁄ – 1000...+ 1000 Pa).
  • Pressure range: -5000..+5000 Pa with the possibility to adjust the range using DIP switches:
  • (0..1000 Pa ⁄ – 1000...+ 1000 Pa);
  • (0..2000 Pa ⁄ – 2000...+ 2000 Pa);
  • (0..3000 Pa ⁄ – 3000...+ 3000 Pa);
  • (0..5000 Pa ⁄ – 5000...+ 5000 Pa).

The differential pressure transmitters are supplied including our ASD-06 connection set (2 m connection hose, two pressure connection nipples, screws).


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